Friday, 29 June 2012

Contoh Narrative Text Untuk Story Telling

The Rabbit and The Bear
      Once upon a time, there lived as neighbours, a bear and a rabbit. The rabbit is a good shoter. In contrary, the bear is always clumsy and greedy .
       One day, the bear called over the rabbit and asked the rabbit to take his bow and arrows and came with bear to the other side of the hill. The rabbit was fearing to arouse the bear's anger so he could not refuse it. He agreed and went with the bear and shot enough buffalo to satisfy the hungry family. Indeed he shot and killed so many that there was lots of meat left after the bear and his family had loaded themselves and packed all they could carry home.

     The bear was very gluttonous and did not want the rabbit to get any of the meat.The poor rabbit would have to go home hungry after his hard day's work.

The bear was the father of five children. The youngest child was very friendly to the rabbit. He was very hearty eater. The mother bear always gave him an extra large piece of meat but the youngest child did not eat it. He would take it outside with him. He kicked toward the rabbit's house and when he got close to the door he would give the meat with such a great kick. The meat would fly into the rabbit's house. In this way, the poor rabbit would get his meal unknown to the bear father.


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Thankyou postingannya, boleh dicopy ya :)

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